A Compendium of Species

Arcus (Iris):


Extremely gifted hunters, the Arcus are renowned for their short tempers and beauty. They are a proud people, steeped in tradition.

The Arcus have shimmering multi-colored skins and light blue, wavy hair.

They live peacefully on the plains of Alsia, though some tribes have settled by the banks of its winding rivers and great lakes. Others have made a home in the trees of the vast white eastern forests or deep in the caves of the icy Anteste mountains in the north.

 Conflict only occurs when when they leave Alsia to sell and trade their wares and meat, as their tempers are as sharp as their blades.

Acedian (Pi):



A very placid, content race who, despite their rotund appearance, are tremendously strong, but too lazy and laid back to do anything about it.

It is seldom that anyone dares attack an Acedian, for not only do they possess enormous strength, but they have long, sharp claws at the end of their fingertips.

 Their native home of Acedia is almost completely covered in blue, crystal oceans. The Acedians live on a small archipelago in the southern hemisphere, comprising of eighty three small islands.

 They live in huts on the tranquil beaches which surround dense forests and mountainous ranges, and spend most of their days sleeping and picking the ever-growing fruit from the plentiful pluma trees.




The tiny, doll-like Pupans inhabit the planet Pupea which, to those in the know, bares a remarkable resemblance to a patchwork quilt.




The squat-legged Bufos have large mouths and two black eyes that bulge on either side of their oval heads. Both males and females are covered completely in metallic feathers, except for their brown, slimy faces.

 Every evening, when the moon of Septica is highest, the males will boast their bright, yellow feathers as they skip and twirl and shake from side to side, generally making a nuisance of themselves in hopes of attracting females. These tend to huddle together in groups until the males go away, their fluorescent green feathers making them seem like large, swaying bushes. Bufos are largely to be found in the vast swamps of Palus.

Cogniti (Mr. Clarus):



On their planet of Peritia which, being so far from the sun, is steeped in darkness and ice, Cogniti live in cities of shiny steel and lights. Their buildings rise high up above their neon-lit streets, and tower over the barren, desert landscape.

 Their ravenous knowledge far exceeding their physical prowess, Cognity have made their city completely automated and self-sufficient, allowing them to devote all their time in pursing the infinite secrets of the universe.

Vespulans (Ms. Photuris):



Their home planet of Vespula being violently stormy and volcanic, Vespulans inhabit enormous elemental-resistant cocoons built inside large crevices and fissures in the rocks that dominate the landscape.

 Inside each is a cityscape comprised of hexagonal nests of varying sizes attached to thick tendrils; these are suspended from the top of the cocoon itself.

 Vespulans communicate solely through telepathy and, should they find themselves under any threat, their inner organs will glow, creating an ultrasonic wave that incapacitates the meanest of opponents by lulling them into a stupor that can be as temporary or as permanent as they see fit.




The Eris inhabit a small moon in the Brassica system. Generally thought of as cute, they have two large black eyes, with smaller green ones on their foreheads and furry snouts. Their backs and extremities covered in black spikes ensures no one will bother them (by which I refer to the languid Ardeas that, with their long, pointy beaks, will on occasion attempt to flip the Eris on their backs to get access to their softer, white, fluffy underbellies).

 They are raging gamblers, and will often try to turn any conversation into some sort of bet.




Spending most of their long lives in the deepest caves and tunnels closest to the core of their planet Calx, the Belluas are known throughout as the best miners.

Their planet being rich in minerals, metals and much coveted stones, they mine these tirelessly to later sell at markets throughout the known universe. Often contracted by various other planets for their services.

It is said that Belluas are forged from within the very core of Calx, where they emerge fully grown, ready for work. Their massive gray frames and powerful arms and legs allow them to penetrate and smash though the toughest of rocks. Their glowing, molten chests glow orange-yellow and are their lifeblood which dim with age.




While deceptively quick, the Langors seldom like to move unless they have to. They conserve as much energy as possible to absorb ultra violet radiation through their wide, smooth carapaces, which they use for nourishment. The Langors also have reserve sacks attached to their segmented underbellies which they fill in order to sell the radiation contained within at extortionate prices.

 They inhabit the planet of Tinea, whose earth is a dark shade of purple, and whose vegetation consists only of tall, straight, dark red reeds that grow straight up from the ground and can measure up to nine metres high.

 Living in burrows underground, the Langors stand side to side on the earth above while they feed and collect radiation. So many are there, and so tightly pressed against each other they are, that Tinea’s surface is often mistakenly thought of as being black.




Made entirely from multi-colored goo, the Pingos exist within their own space in the universe where they form a mass around the size of a large planetoid. Capable of propelling themselves to wherever they wish, Pingos can be found just about anywhere in the known universe and, very probably, beyond it.

 Not needing to eat, drink or sleep, they exist solely for the purpose of consuming one thing: fun. Take away fun from a Pingo, and it will simply, very quickly, perish. That said, you will never see a Pingo without others around it, and will only see them in places where fun is, if not very likely, a definite inevitability.







Elongated, stooping and completely silent, the Umbras are a race of shadowy creatures. To date, no one has been able to establish where exactly they emanate from, what their society is like, or where they first began to appear. They are, however, everywhere a shadow might be, and even where one wouldn't.

Not to be confused with actual shadows, which are merely dark areas produced by a solid coming between rays of light and a surface, Umbras are sentient beings…probably.

Nemus (Mr. Sylva):



It is speculated that the forest planet of Nema is as ancient as the universe itself. Thick, dark and silent, the entire surface of Nema is covered by dense, green foliage. The ground is a maze of trunks and gnarled roots impossible to navigate through and escape without proper knowledge, something the Nemus make certain is unattainable.

 The Nemus—the only beings to have developed a spoken language on Nema—are the caretakers of the forest planet. It is thought their lifespan is of thousands of years, though they refuse to confirm the authenticity of the claim. Their encyclopaedic knowledge of botany and biology is renowned throughout the universe, though it requires extraordinary amounts of energy and focus to sit through their lectures, as they are reliably forgetful, and will repeat themselves time, and time, and time again.




If you were to ask anyone about the Torus, the first thing they would tell you would be that they live for fighting. Their home planet of Torinus is dedicated to breeding relentless warriors. Every village revolves around a massive central ring where champions are forged. The best of these must travel to the grand and proud capital city for the annual sorting trials, where death is favored over losing. The last standing at the end is proclaimed a citizen and welcomed to live in the glorious city itself, where they stand guard over Torinus as its defenders.

 The Torus are born bulky through painful childbirth, and just become stockier, taller and stronger as they age, with two small horns on either side of their heads differentiating the males from the females.




Quans make it their business to “deliver absolutely anything, anywhere it needs to go”. Known as ‘space truckers’, they are often branded as lunatics by other drivers, and as saviors by those to whom they deliver, due to the astounding speeds and apparent recklessness at which they drive.

Their industry standard choice of music is smooth jazz.




The dark, mysterious Clava exist on a small planet of the same name. Only a handful exist, but they are said to be an immortal race that create balance in the universe. Ever watchful of even the tiniest event, the Clava inhabit their tall, narrow castle atop a singular mountain in the otherwise utterly barren planet.

Wrapped in shrouds and always wearing a hooded cloak, the only visible part of the Clava are their skeletal hands and face. Their presence is ominous, as it indicates something bad is soon to happen.




Found only in the mountains of the polar ice caps of Gelu, the Ewi keep to themselves. Very secretive, and often bad-tempered, they like nothing more than huddling together and drinking a warming tankard of gräs.




Deep in the forests of Alsia, the Volo live in the Pascar ruins that were once home to the largest Arcus tribe. The ruins almost completely reclaimed by the forest, the Volo inhabit the tall towers above. Their powerful wings allow them to travel great distances with a single flap and, due to their internal organs producing their own oxygen, and their great bone density, they are capable of interstellar travel without the aid of ships.

 Much like the Arcus, their skins shimmer, though only a metallic tint of green. Aside from their wings, the only other place to find feathers on them are on top of their heads and at the base of their thick, curved beaks.

 Exceptional hunter-gatherers, they fish the lakes of Alsia.




With winds as fierce as the vegetation is tall, the Orantes inhabit Syrinx: a small planet dense with flora that reaches around halfway up the atmosphere.

Not the easiest place to live, every creature eats and is eaten by another.

The Orantes spend most of their days (and nights) clinging to cane shoots. They mimic the constant sway of the brown leaves with their sharp scythes, making them very effective assassins, while allowing them to perfectly camouflage themselves from potential predators.




The peaceful, happy Rosa live for family. Their planet Rosea is filled with trees, flowers and herbs of every color, which they find a pleasure to tend to. Their gardens are among the most pleasantly fragrant and aesthetically pleasing anywhere.

Avid cooks and vintners, they make good use of their lands and gardens to make some of the best foods and wines to be conceived.

One of their great pleasures is to sit around large tables with their families and enjoy delectable banquets together.

The Shopkeeper:



No information found.

Mr. Tabby:



No information found.




The Banra travel around in groups targeting anyone whom they believe to have low self-esteem, and begin to idolize them, for their source of nourishment is confidence—the greater the level of confidence becomes, the greater the nourishment quality is and, therefore, the happier the Banra are.

There are many who refer to this species as ‘muses’, as they tend to elevate their prey to the heights of success. And the Banra don’t mind this at all, as it makes it far easier to find nourishment.




Inhabitants of Syrinx, the Volucris dwell in narrow tunnels underground. They use their spikes to propel themselves forward and, by rotating at a certain angle, create more tunnels. They largely feed on mites and vermis worms.

Their only means of interstellar travel is by forming metallic cocoons which, by using their own saliva, they use to create an explosive reaction at their base, which propels them up through the ground, into space.

Useful as their saliva is to them, it also places them in danger, as the Volucris are sought after for their highly-concentrated fuel-generating capabilities, which are extracted and sold at lucrative prices in underground markets.




High above the ashen, volcanic surface of Vespula, the Fumo exist within its perpetual stormy, dark clouds. Virtually invisible to (most) naked eyes, they appear as floating orbs to whomever finds themselves close enough to them.

Together, they are able to generate great amounts of electricity, which tends to strike the surface of the planet with monumental force.

Seven is a brilliant student, gifted in strategy and Sphere. Wandering the vastness of space, his home is the Sky Drifter: an academy for the best students in the known universe. With his friends, Iris and Pi, Seven takes on his rivals and visits planets for exploration and competition. 

But everything changes when a secret is revealed to him by mysterious girl in a red coat. A secret that will bring everything he thought he knew crashing down around him. 

As his world changes in drastic ways, Seven must decide who to place his trust in... and find out the ultimate secret of the Sky Drifter.



 Easily, this book earned five stars across the board from me and Paris Singer earned a fan! 


                     READERS' FAVORITE



I loved this story , and to be honest I can't wait for the next book!

Amazon Reviewer



A visually rich and intriguing glimpse into another world!

Amazon Reviewer 


The Sky Drifter  Book One

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