Wandering in the vastness of space, is the Sky Drifter; an academy reserved for the best students in the known universe. Seven is just such a student. Gifted in strategy and Sphere, he lives happily on-board with his friends Iris and Pi, taking on his rival, visiting planets for exploration and competition. Everything is the way he likes it, until he sees a mysterious girl in a red coat, who will reveal to him a secret that will bring everything he thought he knew crashing down around him.

In a world in which children are exploited, monsters are saviors, and dark magic is constantly at play, a little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her lost ones.

After the disappearance of her parents, a heartbroken child is sold to the Doll-Maker who promises to revive them. In return, she is to travel from cemetery to cemetery, unearthing graves and collecting skulls.

While doing so, she must avoid the Violinist and his crows, who are determined to steal the skulls she has painstakingly gathered.

As she travels across the province, with her life in constant peril from vengeful policemen to furious villagers to strange creatures, the little girl must use her wits to succeed in her macabre mission.

As he sets off to unravel the mystery of his past, a man is pulled into a world stranger than death itself, where the struggle to balance good and evil lies behind the scenes.


On his journey, he encounters The Regulars: a self-proclaimed band of misfits whose sole purpose is to terrify the living. Among them is Mr. Cage: a dark jester who delights in causing misery to all whom he encounters.


What begins as a journey to uncover a brutal murder soon unfolds into a race against malevolent forces, where nothing is as it seems.

I guess I was nine or ten when I died. Yeah, so what? It's none of your business. Listen, I'm here to warn you. You have to run, you have to hide. They're coming. Mr. Cage is coming. You don't want to be like me, do you? Though it's probably too late now...

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